Arlene’s Personal Recommendations

  • OMG’s Candy

    A handful is not enough

    OMG's Candies

    OMG’s are delicious chocolatey graham clusters mixed with toffee bits, almonds or peanuts with a taste that will leave you saying “OMG!”

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  • Love Child Organics

    "It all begins with food."

    Love Child Organics

    Love Child Organics is a Canadian baby and children’s
    food company founded and run by a husband and wife team John and Leah Garrad-Cole.
    Their products are now available in major retailers
    across Canada and soon the range will also be available in the US.

    Love Child makes delicious food, using only the purest organic
    ingredients, nutritionally rich superfoods, and always avoiding
    preservatives. And with 1 cent per pouch donated to children’s charities,
    parents will know that by buying Love Child, they are also helping children
    in need.

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  • 3DMultihorse

    Every sawhorse you’ll ever need.


    The 3D Multihorse is a patented workhorse bracket system developed by a Canadian Sam Koffski, who pursued a life- long dream of seeing his innovation available commercially. The 3DMultihorse all-steel construction means its’ sturdy and perfect for both even and uneven surfaces. Suitable for any project, the 3D Multihorse adjusts to any size you need. The unique 3D Multihorse adjusts in 3 ways: height, width and length.

    Available exclusively at Home Depot stores across Canada.

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  • Urban Cultivator

    The most local food

    Urban Cultivator

    Grow your own herbs and greens year round with Urban Cultivator. Urban Cultivator’s goal is to take hydroponic growing where no company has gone before. From basements and backrooms to a focal point of any proud chefs kitchen. Local is the way to go, and now you can have an active hand in the food your loved ones eat no matter where you live. Connect to your food, connect to your family.

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  • Dr. Joey’s

    Meet your new best friend

    Skinny Chews

    After a decade of working with thousands of clients and writing 5 best- selling books on weight loss and health, Dr. Joey Shulman, creator of the Shulman Weight Loss Centres, made a successful appearance in the Den. Dr. Joey and Arlene have formed a partnership, with the goal of introducing products that will help people live and follow a healthy lifestyle. The first new launch is Dr. Joey’s Skinny Chews, naturally sweetened and gluten-free, with 4 grams of inulin fiber and less than 20 calories per serving, they’re a delicious and satisfying solution to 3pm and nighttime cravings. For more information, visit

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  • Persuasion Wine

    Relax and enjoy the fine art of Persuasion


    A beautiful 2010 Sonoma County red wine, brought to you by Arlene Dickinson.

    Some vintages are aggressive and come on strong; they insist on being noticed. Others are smoother, more balanced, more confident of their worth. They persuade you to pay attention. And, with every glass, convince you of their superb quality.

    Relax and enjoy the fine art of Persuasion.


    The team has been busy getting Persuasion into your local wine and liquor merchants.


    Click here to see a list of all retailers selling Persuasion Wine.

  • UndrTheRadr

    Ringtones adults can’t hear


    An incredible ringtone developed by young social entrepreneur, Aanikh Kler.
    UnderThe Radr, available through the AppStore or Google Play,
    is the only set ringtones available that adults over 21 can’t hear.
    As incredible as that sounds, it can only be heard by teens.

    With every paid download, a portion of the sale is donated to charity.

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  • Tex Style

    True north style

    Tex Style

    Wear your game! The Original Hockey Lacebelt – manufactured and designed by Textile Manufacturing Co. Ltd – is made from genuine Canadian made ‘TexStyle’ brand hockey skate laces. The Original Hockey Lacebelt is meant to be worn off the ice (looks great with jeans!) and is fully adjustable to fit all waist sizes (42″ or less). The belts come in 4 colours (white, black, yellow, and pink) – each with a stylish, heavy duty, military style brushed nickel buckle. Belts may be purchased online – or at a hockey retailer near you.

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  • Rebels Refinery

    High quality, natural skin care products for men

    Rebels Refinery

    Whether you are rebel at heart, a refined gentleman or hopefully both- when need be -Rebels Refinery has a range of high quality, natural skin care products that helps men look and feel great.

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  • Yukon Shine Distillery

    The Spirits of the Yukon

    Yukon Shine Distillery

    As precious to us as the land itself, quadruple distilled and gold filtered one small batch at a time; our artisanal spirits are handcrafted from all-natural ingredients blended with the glacier fed waters of the Yukon River

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  • Balzac’s Coffee

    Artisanal coffee and Neighbourhood Cafes

    Balzac’s Coffee

    Artisanal coffee roasters famous for their café experience, who offer a variety of fair trade and organic coffee blends to enjoy at the café or take home.

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  • Carbon Farmer

    Offset your Carbon Footprint

    Carbon Farmer

    Brad, Rebecca and the newest addition to the family, their son Birch, plant trees on their third generation family farm in Canada and on conservation projects worldwide. Their positive products represent tangible environmental action on issues like habitat loss and climate change, while their innovative online platforms make the experience engaging for everyone.

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  • Flavor Fork

    Come Join the Flavor Revolution

    Flavor Fork

    The world’s first multi tool for the BBQ- an all in one fork, brush, baster, spatula and flavor injector to help you prepare more flavorful meals.

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